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1) Skyscanner
Skyscanner searches virtually every airline and destination to find you the least expensive and most convenient flight for your trip. To sync up with your air travel plans, the app also finds you the most affordable car rental and hotel options that connect with your flight.

2) JetSmarter
Acting as the Uber of private jets, JetSmarter will charter you a private jet within minutes. For those last minute jet-setters, who want to be whisked away at a moment’s notice, the app allows you to book your own plane ride anywhere in the world—which can also come in handy if your flight gets cancelled at the last minute.

3) TripIt
For the avid itinerary planner, TripIt is a universal travel planner that stores your day by day vacation routine in one place. The app syncs with your Apple or Google calendars and allows you to collect hotel, flight and restaurant reservations all in once place. Along with creating your vacation itinerary, TripIt also suggests attractions and activities according to your plans.

4) WorldMate
Similar to TripIt, Worldmate creates a travel itinerary—but with this app you can share your schedule with business colleagues or family members. Ideal for business travelers, the app also organizes all of your travel business meetings separately and connects to your LinkedIn account.

5) TripAdvisor
Get advice and honest reviews from other travelers who have stayed in hotels, dined in restaurants and sought out attractions you are considering trying while on vacation. Find out the best places to go and the best places to avoid while traveling to your destination.

6) Gogobot
Similar to TripAdvisor, Gogobot provides reviews and photos from other travelers’ vacations, but Gogobot also recommends travel activities for you to try based on your interests. Gogobot will curate a list of places to go based on your favorite foods, budgets, hobbies and more.

7) Airbnb
If you’re looking for an alternative travel experience, swap out your hotel accomodations for a house swap or a room to rent or sublet while traveling. The Airbnb app allows users to browse thousands of listings for rentals—both long and short-term—as well as house swapping options. Through the app, you can view photos of potential residences and connect with their owners to see if the arrangement fits your needs.

8) PackPoint
PackPoint doesn’t just store your packing list, it curates all of your travel essentials for you. Users can enter in where they are vacationing, their exact travel dates and which activities they will be doing while away so PackPoint can then create a custom packing list to account for all of your travel needs. Based on weather, location and your travel activity, the app will suggest what to bring.

9) Minube
Think of it as your own Instagram travel guide, browse through feeds of travelers who share their mini travel guides with a series of photos snapped while on vacation. From the best dishes to try, the hotels to stay in and the hidden locations to seek out based on users recommendations and snapshots.

10) Duolingo
Before jet-setting abroad, brush up on your foreign language skills with this handy tutorial app. From French to Italian and more, Duolingo covers all of the basics and lessons of over ten different languages so you will be prepared before your next vacation.

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