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ROW N.Y.C: A Great Place to Be – Close to Everything!

Finding a reasonable hotel in NY Manhattan can be quite hard. Most of them are too pricy or in really bad location. I am happy to share with you my experience from my last visit when I discovered ROW N.Y.C. hotel: a grate place, close to everything!

Me and William were delighted to find that this hotel was right in the centre of things.  Close to Times Square, on top of the Theatre District, great restaurant opportunities nearby and the Port Authority Hub for the Subway and Trains only two blocks away. Also within walking distance of the Highline and the Circle Cruise line. As I love to walk and feel the busy NYC vibe, then the location, and the modern style of this hotel was just perfect for me. I felt like a real New Yorker. 🙂

Our room was  on the 14th floor. The bed was very comfortable and the room was nicely clean.  For a five night stay it was perfect. The lobby was quite buzzy but the rooms are quiet.  So no worries with that.


I loved the message on the room key


Our land view

Only negative thing is that the room was really small. I am used to having more space around me, so I even got little claustrophobic. 😛 But considering that it’s in NY, then it’s quite ok. Every cm counts there and larger room costs a lot more too. 🙂


Our room (now you see how small it is)


Our room


..and our room again

So let me know… have you visited that place? What do you think?

Share in comments! 😉




They had a cool photo booth there. You can capture a picture as a real star quest! 😉