1979865_532253956892642_3420073670940821376_nUrbanista Style – that’s mostly me with my amazing beauty team!

Who am I? Well first and foremost a city girl – probably a lot like you.

It would be cool of course to tell you all that I’m the achiever of the year providing supreme makeup and beauty services to all the TV-stars, but that would be the exact marketing BS that you can read on any other makeup artist page.
When it comes to me… well, I’m not that perfect… Addiction to shop too much and too often – check and check, going wild and spending over any sane limits when it comes to all those current fashion items – guilty as charged. Trying to work out and then over-compensating it with delicious cupcakes – that’s me. Being a fierce fighter for the women’s right to shoes – absolutely! Having a bit of drama, tears and a lot of crazy laughter with my GF-s practically in every day of my life – you can bet on it!
However, when it comes to makeup and beauty then that’s something I really do love. Yes, I know what you may think – just another wonderfully conventional bla-bla about someone’s devotion to the industry. Well, I won’t bother you with all that, let me just make one statement: if you show me an urbanista who’s more passionate about makeup, beauty, fashion and all the cool stuff surrounding that, I’ll literally give you my very favorite Manolo Blahniks. This offer here, by the way, stands for the past nine years already – just about how long I have truly been into makeup and beauty-services. Well, I guess you get the idea – this little thing of mine here has become pretty serious.
Anyway, I hope to meet you one day in person and perhaps before that over GHO. Send me an email and let’s get in touch – there’s a great chance that I can help you quite a bit whilst chatting about the latest fashion news or just having some quality girl-to-girl time.
Meanwhile you can enjoy my blog site, an online editorial destination where fashion and beauty meet fitness, and more!