What does Urbanista mean?

Urban Dictionary: urbanista
An urbanista is an urban fashionista. An urbanista is (typically) a woman who is interested in fashion, especially high end and non-mainstream fashion and who also has an in-depth knowledge of the best people, places, and things her city has to offer. She knows where to find those stylish Italian boots noone else wears yet, who to call to get the best table at the trendiest restaurant in town and what gallery to contact if your are an up-and-coming artist. An urbanista is selective, but never snobbish, intellectual, but also street smart. She is a living “insider’s guide” to the city.
– This is an amazing restaurant! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before. How did you find it?
– My friend recommended it. She is a real urbanista. I always call her to get tips on the best places, people and shops in town.

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